About Us – Logic Bit Solution

We have been in the IT business for 15 years based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We believe our outstanding service to the IT community is great for businesses. Our goal is not only to deliver great service to the business communities but also help them to get to next level. Our clients are 100% satisfied with our service. The service we provide is growing day by day. Currently we are serving about 1000 business and help them succeed. We have a long history of clients across Nepal, India and Europe. We want to extend our service further to North and South America.

Our extensive portfolio includes…. by feedback and  At House of IT, we believe outstanding service is great for businesses. But we don’t just deliver services to help companies; we take it to the next level. We ensure that processes run smoothly in your network be it an ongoing installation, software updates, hardware requirements, security threats or maintenance issues. Our team of experts assesses the needs of your IT infrastructure and makes sure everything is in its proper state.

We have a long history of clients across multiple countries and have been faithfully serving them for 10 years. Our extensive portfolio includes healthcare, retail

In today’s modern business, the amount of information that organizations must possess and process is increasing. Employees need to work faster without having to sacrifice productivity. But with the advent of data entry services, companies can now focus more on core business strategies and worry less on processing information.